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Rubbish hurts and kills animals, oceanlife, the environment and people 24X7

Please protect oceans, save turtles and keep Australia beautiful - DONATE NOW


It's never too late to learn better ways to reduce litter. Try out this fact-filled link and test your knowledge on saving the world from litter !!! Beta Version Live Now - Click to play !!! 

Rubbish is everywhere!

Check out the game on your Ipad - LitterbugSmash Version 2.2 Live Now - Please enjoy a sneak preview and learn more about the project itself  and the Exciting NEW LITTERBUGSMASH APP VERSION 3.0 IN THE APP STORE 

It's never too early (or late) to take action to reduce litter locally or globally. Donate to the causes linked on our site, adopt a beach, adopt a waterway, adopt a highway, adopt a park, adopt a turtle - and don't litter - it's that easy !!! DONATE NOW ...