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Glitches are a huge problem in making video games. Some of the glitches I faced in GamePress were the worst ever seen !!!

1. My scoring system kept disappearing on me, so I added some new text and created a new algorithm

2. Gravity controls took a long time to master and we accessed the forum blog and zendesk a lot to fix it

3. Converting my GamePress objects into Hyperpad required major re-work, meant delaying some game levels to our next release and hopefully the issue will be fixed in the next Hyperpad update

4. Creating Donate Now Buttons inside games and apps for charities is really hard, but we found a work around

5. There were some weird glitches in GamePress that deleted all my code, hit delete once got them back, but after that I used more hard copy notes of my code and created duplicate game back ups after making major code changes

6.  Unexpected coding breaks with Hyperpad conversion meant we lost some game features (e.g. timer) - so we are checking with the zendesk to see if there is a fix

7. Contact Us feature suffered minor glitches at our web-hosting facility but they have fixed them

8. Loading into the App Store is very complicated and is a waiting game now - fingers crossed !!!!

9. App Store Process Complete - enjoy the game now

10. Interactive book app in the app store!

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