11.08.15- My new website was launched.

13.08.15- My behind the scenes web-site tour was released on SuperSnoopyBros youtube channel. If you haven't seen the video yet, you can subscribe to the SuperSnoopyBros youtube channel now to view it  now below or subscribe on the button on the page below

14.08.15 - LitterbugSmash Beta version was released onto the GamePress Arcade. Please enjoy it !!!

14.08.15 - Latest News page added to web-site, Home, About Us Tabs were updated, Latest News Content added

16.08.15 - Beta Version of LitterbugSmash Games released and shared here, on YouTube, Facebook and on Scratch

16.08.15 - Facebook page and link from this site established

18.08.15 - LitterbugSmash project featured on Keep Australia Beautiful Schools page

19.08.15 - 300 views achieved! Logo rights granted to Keep Queensland Beautiful.

20.08.15 - 400 views achieved! Partner page created. WWF - Adopt a Turtle feature added.  

21.08.15 - 500 views achieved!

​22.08.15 - Customisation into hyperpad completed for GamePress LitterbugSmash Beta version. Two new galleries added.

​23.08.15 - 650 views and climbing !! Scratch On-Line game updated will cool nightsky background and new facts. Hyperpad beta version submitted for Xcode conversion - journey to the App Store has begun !!!!

26.08.15 - ReefHQ Behind the Scenes Tour Begins - Thanks Krystal and Fred !!! ReefHQ needs extra equipment to help save and care for turtles - Please DONATE NOW TO REEF HQ FROM THE LINKS ON THIS SITE

27.08.15 - My hyperpad project is converted into Xcode and work begins to develop the App for the App Store - Downloading the right version of Xcode and upgrading my Mum's MacBookPro added extra time and complexity to the process

28.08.15 - App Store Preview Page created - needed to use Safari browser to upload the screen shots and icons ... 800plus views reached

29.08.15 - Working hard with Murtaza and Hamed from Hyperpad Zen desk to iron out Xcode glitches and build errors. App submitted to the App Store for Review - Yay !!!

30.08.15 - New Education Gallery created !! Reef HQ Behind the Scenes tour added, along with some amazing and shocking litter facts. Taking Action Gallery updated to explain the App Store adventures we had ... AND MORE THAN 900 Web-Site Visits Achieved !!!

​31.08.15 - Facebook Like Pages and Web-Visits both broke 1,000 and still growing !!!

​05.09.15 - Completed Young ICT Explorers Project presentation, Regional Runner-Up for Year 5-6 division, donating 25% of project prize winnings to ReefHQ to help save turtles

​06.09.15 - Site updated to reflect latest project happenings, updated privacy policy created, Facebook Page Likes and Web-Site visits now past 1,300!!!

​23.09.15 - LitterbugSmash now in the app store Yaaaaaaaay

​01.10.15 - website breaks 1900 views! LitterbugSmash facebook app page launched

04.10.15 - LitterbugSmash app reaches for 70 downloads 

21.10.15 - LitterbugSmash app reaches 100 downloads, website over 2300 views

31.10.15 - over 2500 views, 3500 facebook page likes together, new interactive book app in development.

​03.11.15 - Keep Calm and Save Turtles is now in the App Store, Townsville Bulletin and WIN News interview at ReefHQ.

​23.11.15 - Litter Book Of Facts is now in the App Store.

​08.12.15 - Hamish receives encouragement and innovation award from U.S Ambassador John Berry and he also receives a special judges prize at West Tech Fest 2015.

​26.01.16 - Hamish Wins Australia Day award for environmental excellence and sustainability!

​28.01.16 - LitterbugSmash 1.9 hits the app store

​03.02.16 - Litterbookoffacts 1.2 hits the app store